The Viminas began operations in February 1984, in Vitória (ES), working in glass retail. The history of Viminas begins when VIPAL - Vidraçaria Palm Ltda, left Minas Gerais and settled in Vitoria, Espirito Santo. Only three years later, already in Jucutuquara neighborhood, at number 945 Avenida Paulino Muller, won the corporate name Viminas Vidraçaria Gerais Ltda. Initially, the company sold cut glass, acrylic sheets and frames.


Provide comfort, sophistication and security, through the latest technology in processing and transformation of glass,
ensuring product quality and transparency in the relationship with customers


- Humility
- Transparency
- Objectivity
- Discipline
- Respect
- Initiative


The beginning of a success story in the Espirito Santo glasses market. We begin with the name of Vidraçaria Palmeiras in Jucutuquara.


Commercial activities are initiated with the name 'Viminas Vidraçaria Gerais Ltda'.




Affiliate launch in Serra (ES). Consolidation in the wholesale and retail markets glasses.




The first branch opening in Campo dos Goytacazes (RJ).




Construction of the factory. Top of tempered glass production and launch of 'Temper Mines'.




The Viminas becomes reference in ES states, BA, MG, SP, Brazil, among others. The third branch opening in Belo Horizonte (MG).




Construction of the industrial park in Serra (ES) to house all activities of the company, commercial, administrative and productive.




Arrival of the cutting table, fully computerized. Execution of up to 180 m² / hour service.
Premiere of the first Horizontal Furnace ES Glass Tempering, matching production to large international companies.


Moving to headquarters, with 17,500 m². Top of table tops production (including temperate), rolled, enameled, tempered, insulated and others.




Acquisition of 38,500 m² and installation of the second horizontal tempering furnace and the complete line of laminated polyvinyl butyral (PVB).



Acquisition of new production lines 100% automated: Box Tempered (Botero line) and Engineering Projects (Forvet line).
Increasing production capacity with the third tempering furnace. New Wastewater Treatment Plant.



Viminas is the first and only company in the glass capixaba branch to receive certifications: ISO 9001: 2008 (Quality Management System) and NBR 14698 - Tempered Glass (Product Certification), audited by Bauer Quality Institute Hawk (IFBQ) following the norms of the Brazilian Association of Technical Standards (ABNT)


New furnace installation, with 2600 x 6000 mm and new machines for cutting of thick glass and holes and cuts with precision and agility.


New automated line for engineering glasses.
Area expanded built with two sheds for the production.




Premiere of the 3rd automated line Forvet for engineering projects and 4 ° horizontal tempering furnace with pre-camera (2600 x 6000)


Expanding its area built with two sheds for the production of laminated glass and stock of raw material.



30 years in business and intensification of training courses for employees.


A Viminas adquiriu uma linha automatizada de lapidação turnover. O investimento economiza tempo, diminui o desgaste físico e aumenta a produtividade.

Além da nova linha de laminado que aumentará a produtividade e maior qualidade dos vidros de segurança.


A Viminas inaugurou a nova linha automatizada de Vidros Laminados, da linha Bottero, aumentando a capacidade produtiva e garantindo maior qualidade na produção.


Rua José Ramos de Oliveira, 210 - N. Srª. da Penha Vila Velha/ES
Av.Felipe Uebe - 66/72, Parque Califórnia Campos dos Goytacazes - RJ
Av. Brigadeiro Eduardo Gomes, 1609 Patrocínio - BH - MG
Rua Presidente Getúlio Vargas, nº 155, Quadra 02, lote 03, Distrito Industrial, Eunápolis-BA
Av: Talma Rodrigues Ribeiro - 1987 Civit II - Serra - ES