Tempered Glass

Tempered Glass


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Tempered glass is the one which has undergone thermal treatment to change its characteristics, such as hardness and mechanical strength. An abrupt change of temperature generates a compression of external faces and expansion in the internal portion, making the material much more resistant. This transforming from common glass to tempered glass, in Viminas, is made in four automated tempering furnaces, with high quality standard.

But attention, after tempering, glasses may not be cut, divided or receive holes. When glass is broken, it turns into small particles, less sharping, resulting in full splintering and preventing damages or accidents.


Tempered glass is the largely used in civil construction, automotive industry and also in decoration. This glass reaches large clearances, may be coupled and it is the sole with possibility to be applies as a door by means of proper devices. It is widely used for showers, store doors, houses and buildings, glass door and windows and others.


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