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Top Glass


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Top glass Viminas: a full line for decoration


Viminas Table Top Glass is present in elegant and stylish environments. They are manufactured in several thicknesses following the standard NBR 14488 - Furniture Glass Top. Glass Tops may be type common and tempered - 5 times more resistant to impacts, supporting high temperatures and, in case of breaks, they splinter in small particles, less sharping.


We also have Ultra Clear Cristal Glass with low iron content composition, providing a larger transparency when compared with common glasses.


Before requesting a glass top manufacturing you need to set out three important characteristics. They are:


- Lapping: defines the glass edge finishing;

- Bisote: skives made in the glass surface, close to its ends.

- Edges: how cut outs shall be in the edges to prevent accidents;


Attention: tempered glass top receives Viminas brand in jet white color in one of its edges. This is a mandatory brand by ABNT standards in order to identity the product origin and quality, namely, the brand is the product warranty. 



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