Viminas Laminated

Viminas Laminated


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Viminas laminated glass is the set of two or more glass parts, attached by a Polyvinyl Butyral (PVB) film - high resistance plastic film that, if under heat and pressure in autoclave, adheres composing the laminated glass.

This process results in a resistant glass with excellent acoustics, protecting objects and persons from harmful UV radiation effects and providing great safety at the time of breakage.


Used in areas where there is a major need for protection, preventing accidents. Therefore, they are indicated by ABNT standard NBR 7199 - Glass design, execution and applications in civil construction. They are mandatory in forefronts, guardrails, balcony, veranda, mezzanine, coverages and further risk situations.

They are resistant to high water pressure and may be applied in pool and aquarium sight glasses.

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