Socioenvironmental Responsibility

Socioenvironmental Responsibility

socioenvironmental responsibility

Respecting the environment is part of Viminas’ values. Make actions which aim at resulting in environmental preservation is something that is already in our culture. We believe that by means of our resources and employees we may work in sustainable development.

We invest in several preservation policies. With Industrial Effluent Treatment Plant (ETE), for instance, we perform treatment of virtually all water used in production (98%), considering that loss percentage by evaporation is only 2%. Our new ETE has two tanks with 17 meters height and four meters in diameter with capacity to treat 180 thousand liter per hour.

It is worthy to highlight that all company solid wastes are directed to licensed industrial landfills and sanitary waste water is treated by septic and anaerobic filters.

Clean production, economically feasible, environmentally correct and socially fair! 


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